Minnesota State University, Mankato
Association of Administrative and Service Faculty

What does ASF stand for?

ASF stands for Administrative Service Faculty. It is the collective bargaining association representing non-teaching faculty who serve in professional positions at the seven state universities within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Our members work in academic and student-oriented departments such as academic affairs, admissions, alumni relations, athletics, business office, career services, disability services, early childhood center, financial aid, first year programs, health & wellness, international student services, diversity and inclusion, public safety, records, residence hall operations, student activities, student success center, student union, theatre arts, women's center and many other areas. We are often primary contacts for students enrolling at university campuses in Bemidji, Mankato, Marshall, Moorhead, St. Cloud, the Twin Cities, and Winona.

We are dedicated to the recruitment and retention of students, the promotion of excellence in learning and to students' achieving ultimate success. We take pride in our professionalism, our publications, our awards and the recognition we receive in our fields.

What MSUAASF Offers you?

Good Salaries:
Despite occasionally difficult economic conditions, MSUAASF has negotiated salaries that compare favorably with all other state unions.

Comprehensive Benefits:
Group insurance benefits include medical, dental, short- and long-term disability, accidental death and dismemberment, and life. Paid time off includes vacation, sick days, personal days, bereavement leave, plus jury duty and military leaves. Retirement benefits include state pension plans, and supplemental retirement, plus options for additional deferred compensation.

It sounds trite, but it's true: Unions like MSUAASF derive much of their strength from their sheer numbers. People-administrators, legislators and others-pay more attention to your concerns when you've got sizable membership plus strong backing from the influential International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Growth Opportunities:
MSUAASF has incrementally increased the amount of professional development funds available to members. Members typically use the grants to attend seminars, workshops and conferences or for classes, professional memberships and educational materials. Tuition waiver and tuition reimbursement support continued education. Paid sabbaticals are available for union members with at least six years of service. Members can also apply for a variety of Teamsters scholarships for themselves and their dependent children.

Job Protection:
Your union contract safeguards you against unfair termination. If a position has been identified for layoff, MSUAASF will meet with administration to offer alternative solutions. Even if a position is eliminated, the MSUAASF contract requires non-renewal notice, allowing time to begin a job search.

If you feel the contract has been violated or that you've been treated unfairly, MSUAASF will stand by you in filing a grievance and representing your interests.

MSUAASF representatives meet regularly in "Meet and Confer Sessions" with top administration-both on the local campuses and with the MNSCU System Office-to ensure a free exchange of information and concerns.

Members can serve as union officers or representatives to a variety of important university and system committees and task forces. You have input as the negotiations team crafts contract proposals every two years, and you vote on contract ratification. You also vote in officer elections, constitutional changes, and union position statements.

MSUAASF members have established their credibility as professionals whom administrators seek for their expertise.

Bang for the Buck:
Membership accords you considerable clout for your union contributions. Your dues are 2.5 hours of pay per month rounded to the nearest dollar, plus an assessment of $1.50 per pay period (26 pay periods yearly).