MSUAASF Mankato Stewards

When would I talk to a steward?

Questioning if there are contract violations

Experiencing a disciplinary situation, or a potential disciplinary situation

Wanting assistance with contract interpretation

Reaching out for information/access to Teamsters resources

How do I find a steward?

Connect with co-leads: and/or

Reach out to those on the ASF What’s When & Whose Who 2022-2023 list

Interested in serving?

Choose your role

Steward role: serves in full capacity, training required

Steward-Lite role: attends monthly meetings, participates internally (for the 1st year) before serving as a full steward for members

Group meets monthly

Opportunity for co-leads to provide updates as applicable

Discuss any ongoing/upcoming issues

Present on topics as needed/requested

Continually updating shared resources

State-level trainings

Required to serve as a steward, renew every 3yrs